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first world problems

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Live poker question
  k4ir0s, Aug 26 2017

I never played too much live in the past, but lately I've been starting to get into it. There's always a huge waiting list during weekend nights with a ~3hr wait. I usually call in advance, but still end up waiting a long time after arriving. There are always certain regulars who manage to bypass the waiting list. Is it likely that these people are bribing the floor staff? Or is it more likely that they're just friendly with the staff? I thought of slipping the staff $20, but I wouldn't want them to expect it every time if I could get through by simply becoming a familiar face.

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Stars rewards
  k4ir0s, Jul 19 2017

I have 550,000 starscoins and I forgot to cash them in before the recent update. Fuck. What could I do with them now? Is there no way to instantly turn it to cash? I don't play anymore. I already lost a few thousand by not converting them before starscoins were first introduced.

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  k4ir0s, Mar 12 2016

Anyone following the alphaGo challenge? next match tomorrow 2-0 for the AI

it's really fascinating what they're accomplishing. 1 year ago they solved Atari games using self-learning AI with 'sight' being it's only input, and now GO. The founder even mentions in an interview that they might try Starcraft in the future. They recently announced that their next challenge is a 3D game..

interesting article;

He believes that NL poker is still very difficult to solve, so that's a good sign

last year incase anyone missed it;

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